Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, September 5, 1916


Hull's Cove Maine

My dear Miss Balch

Thank you a thousand times for your good long letter. I am returning Mr Lochner's now and will write [more] fully again. I think his letter means that he is the only American delegate. Probably each country has been reduced to one and Mr Lochner in his distractions did not say so.

I wouldn't engage passage, if I were you, until his next letter comes. It would be fine to have Mr Jordan go but I doubt if [page 2] can stand for his salary, perhaps not even for the expenses of himself & wife. I wish we could make the Carnegie people do something, they once engaged him for a long piece of work after the Balkan War.

I think you a perfect trump in the various things you are doing. I will write again soon. If you don't sail the 19th and are in Boston about the 8th or 10th of Oct. couldn't we have a meeting of our I.W.P.P. committee of five? I could stop for two days on my way down.

I will write to Mr Lochner after I see his next letter. My heart really goes out to him in all this confusion & trouble.

Devotedly yours

Jane Addams

Sept 5" 1916