Jane Addams to Harriet Park Thomas, September 3, 1916

Hull's Cove, Maine
Sept. 3d 1916

Dear Mrs Thomas

I absolutely agree with Miss Breckinridge on this. I should consider it most unfortunate to publish such an incomplete list. It spills over into the economic and historic books in which line the list is most incomplete. The Art Committee as such ought not to go into that.

Then of course since Mrs Schütze is no longer chairman of the <Arts> Committee, the list of art suggestions should have been submitted at least to Mrs. John J. White of Washington who is the chairman now. Couldn't Mrs Schütze see that if we do publish such a list, it must be a larger one and much more complete, that Miss Breckinridge's reading list has the right of way and that she has gone outside of the province of the Art Committee. Please excuse this hasty letter but do suppress this printing!

Affectionately yours Jane Addams