Zona Gale to Jane Addams, September 1916


Oh my dear, when you can keep saying it, and can say it new every time as this Survey article has it, the world has a voice for its dream. The poignancy and insideness of this analysis leaves me with a sense of spiritual experience, in me, as I read. I wish that I had many ways to make my father's suggestion: [page 2] That we appropriate nothing for greater "preparedness", but Five Hundred Million to be given to the belligerent nations at the close of the war, for the [upbuilding] of their life. When he said it first, last January, it seemed to me a far-off dream, to be even repeated with apology of "Of course, that couldn't be --". Now I can propose it to folk, and be glad of the quick, far look that accompanies the skeptical smile. That quick far look is in the eyes of the people [page 3] to stay. My father would not go to the Civil War. I used to be sorry!

I loved your letter, in spite of my compunction at having been the cause of your writing one more. Thank you for all of it.

I am so sorry that I cannot be in Boston October 5. -- I hope that you are stronger and rested. Till -- sometime:

Affectionately yours

Zona Gale

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