Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, July 31, 1916


July 31, 1916

Miss Jane Addams
Bar Harbor, Maine

Dear Miss Addams:

It would be good and opportune to write out a connection that seems so clear to you "between social service and the will to peace through justice." It would be clarifying to bring it out in The Survey; and it would strengthen my own hands.

Please do not feel guilty. I am tarred with the same mistake, and what is more, I think the great body of social workers have reacted in this same way. The Survey has probably lost circulation, [fool] friends, and beaten time; but surely if any magazine ought to hold to the light, as it sees it, ours should.

Mr. Villard, Miss Wald, Mr. Hallinan, Miss Lewisohn, Mr. Pinchot and I called on Mr. Hughes last week, and Mr. Villard told of the spread of militarism; Miss Wald of how it was obscuring social work and values, and I endeavored to formulate certain social factors in what we are more and more coming to call internationalism. This Mr. Villard published as an open letter to Mr. Hughes in Friday's Evening Post. I enclose a copy, but am not responsible for the heading!