Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, July 23, 1916


My dear Marcet

I was very grateful for the letters from Manuel and from Mary Fry, setting forth the new daily life so dramatically and charmingly.

I think of you very tenderly every morning when I use my fine new breakfast set which I finally decided to bring here. I still have my [page 2] trained nurse but I have been so much better the last few weeks that I may declare my independence very soon.

How are your plans coming on for the rest of the summer? I do hope that it will be possible for both of you to come to Bar Harbor. It is more beautiful than it has ever been I think, and I am sure you could find a comfort in the association with your [page 3] mother -- as I constantly do.

Please give my love to your husband and assure him that I mean to him very soon and enjoy his good letters very much.

Mary Smith sends her love to you -- you must write her about her linen -- and hopes that we are going to see you here. Always your devoted Aunt

Jane Addams

July 23d 1916