Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, July 21, 1916


My dear Mr Kellogg

I have had an astounding cablegram that Rosika Schwimmer is coming over on the [Bergensfjord] and wishes to see Miss Balch and myself. I caught Miss Balch by a telegram at Detroit and she plans to meet her, when she hears from me, at Bar Harbor.

I am not able to [discover] from The Times (N.Y.) when the ship lands, so I am sending a letter to you to direct to Rebecca Shelley. I [hope] that she will meet her for me and perfect the arrangements. I have stupidly forward all my later correspondence with Miss Shelly to the office in Chicago -- so that I haven't her New York address -- i.e. the office of <the new Neutral Conference Committee.> Miss Balch also asked me to communicate [through] you [although] of course I am writing her at her own home in [Jamaica Plain] as well.

Did you see that we adorned a moral in the last New Republic, I saw Walter [Lippmann] in Chicago during the Convention week but we seem to have hard luck in making our position clear! [page 2]

Have you seen Gilbert Murray since he has been in New York and is there any way of finding out his plans -- I should be very glad to know what they are.

I have been very much absorbed in my book for the last fortnight but it goes off to Macmillan in a few days.

I hope Prof Mead's article reached you, I telegraphed him the other day that it must be sent at once. He wrote that we could have the article which I had already seen, the first part of it, is quite stirring I think.

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams

July 21" 1916