Lenora Austin Hamlin to Jane Addams, July 9, 1916


My dear Miss Addams

I am wondering if the Woman's Peace Party or the American Union Against Militarism or the women of the country acting [through] one or both of these organizations might not make the next move toward establishing good feeling with Mexico by sending a few car loads of food and clothing to the women & children down there. If the women of America ask [permission] to go into Mexico with food & clothing for the [page 2] women & children down there the Mexican governmt will not deny us and the whole country <(Mexico)> will be touched by it. I have been all over Mexico and I know how chivalrous and warm hearted the people are. It would be a master stroke for peace and Heaven knows the poor things are suffering terribly for the lack of such things as Americans could give. I know Carranza has already refused the services of our Red Cross but he wouldn't refuse the women. It would also be a big tactical advantage for the forces fighting militarism to lead in such a piece of constructive work. We would have the [page 3] country behind us. Every church society and woman's club would begin to sew. Wouldn't Mr. Ford help? From being an Anti force we would at once become a positive power and you know what an enormous gain there would be in that.

We are organizing a local committee of the American Union Against Militarism here now.

Sincerely yours

Lenora Austin Hamlin
61 South St. Albans Street

July 9th 1916