Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, October 3, 1904


Boston Oct 3d

Dear Lady

Dear Mary McDowell came on with me to the Peace Congress. We are very [enthusiastic] and think that you and Miss McDowell ought to come too. It is really very [stirring] & fine.

If you would come for Wed. night and stay until Monday P.M. [page 2] to evening we could have a meeting of the Ex. Com. of the W. T. U. League. I can't come east again this fall and there seems to be some really important things to come up. We have telegraphed to Mr Walling. Do come & lets get this [illegible] it. [page 3] there are some important thing to come up and I can't get away from the Peace Congress long enough to come to New York.

I am really home sick to see you. Always yrs Jane Addams

P.S. Please telegraph reply here.

c/o Mr Rob't Woods

14 Bank [St. Boston.]