Edith Franklin Wyatt to Jane Addams, May 19, 1916



Chicago. May 19th

Dear Miss Addams:

The special article written for the press here, of whom I think as likely to be useful for the purpose Mr. MacDonald suggests, are Miss Fanny Butcher at the Sunday Tribune Book Page, and [page 2] Carl Sandburg of the Chicago Daily News, and Mr. Llewellyn Jones of the Chicago Evening Post -- (The Friday Literary Review.)

The only suggestion I have to make is of a low and coarse character. In my experience people from New-York will ask anything in the way of assemblages from people in Chicago: and I hope you won't let them take too much of your precious time for this purpose. I laughed when I read Mr. [MacDonalds'] light reference to "someone acquainted with the general Russian situation." I'm sure that like Mrs. Harris "There ain't no sich a person."

With my love, as ever,

Edith Franklin Wyatt