Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, April 24, 1916


Monday evening

Dear Miss Addams,

Apparently there will be a chance to get one more note to you. We arrived here this morning and the day has brought long talks with Aked and Lochner and shorter ones with Baroness Palmstierna and Rosika. The latter seemed well, pretty buoyant, very friendly and we got into no deep waters.

But I suppose I have only [page 2] postponed the evil day. Miss Pogány was with her -- a most attractive person and Rosika was at her most magnetic -- interesting and warm. How hard it is to see people stereoscopically with the critical and the sympathetic faculty both alive -- yet how necessary!

Mr. Holt & Mr. Aked rule and it is sad to see a side of Mr. Holt which I had not seen before come out -- faults of temper and of manner that doubtless have played their part in complicating the situation. Aked too is overbearing and [page 3] at times.

Yet with all the frailties of us poor quarrelsome lovers of peace I do hope we are going to make a go of it. We hope [Scherrer]-Fülleman and Rappard from German & French [illegible] respectively will come and that we shall get a good pair of representatives. [If] Holland [and?] as the Norwegians are not bad they hope to swing even "poor" & "obstructionist" Danes & Swedes (read "Schwimmerites.") If only there were a way to use her brains and information ↑& enthusiasm↓ without being honeycombed with intrigue & personalities. But I suppose there isn't. I feel like a [chip?] into Niagara whirlpool but I am glad I came and so far it is perhaps not as bad as I anticipated.

I was reading today [Faber's] hymn with the verse

"Ill masters good; good seems to change

To ill with greatest ease,

And worst of all, the good with good

Is at cross purposes"

And so on -- do you remember it? If you do you will see how clearly it seems to fit this situation. I wish I did know "when to strike."

[written on the left margin of page 1] All are so eager for news of you -- I must say good night. Yours with love

Emily G. B.