David Starr Jordan to Jane Addams, January 20, 1916



Stanford University, Cal.,
January 20, 1916.
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Madame:

I am affiliated with the Anti-War Council of Holland and a member of the International Congress for the Study of the Principles of Durable Peace, which is to meet at Berne in April, 1916. The purpose of the meeting is, not to try to stop the war nor to undertake propaganda for peace, but to determine how the peace to come can be made durable. Most of the leading nations of the world will be represented.

I am to discuss Article 1 of the proposed Minimum-Program. The full text of the resolution is, "No annexation or transfer of territory shall be made contrary to the interests and wishes of the population concerned. Where possible their consent shall be obtained by plebiscite or otherwise."

I am also asked to give, in addition to my own views, a summary of the best thought of serious minded men in America. May I ask you therefor for a brief statement concerning the issues raised in Article 1?

Very truly yours,

David Starr Jordan [signed]

P.S. if quoting, may I use your name?

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