Jane Addams to Louis Paul Lochner, February 18, 1916


Feb. 18, 1916

My dear Mr. Lochner: --

It gave me great pleasure to have a letter directly from you at last, although you may know how eagerly [I] have talked with one person after another as they have returned. I am bitterly disappointed, as you may well know, that I cannot come to Stockholm at once, but any doubt I may have had as to the necessity of going away and taking the third treatment which has been prescribed has been dispelled since I have had a relapse here. I am just out of bed now and it would be perfect folly for me to try to go to Europe; I could not be of any use if I were there.

I am hoping very much that Miss Balch will find she is able to get away now and that we could between us hold one of the positions on the Commission, relieving each other [when] necessary. She is certainly coming in June to be any help, as you know, for 13 months and I hope to be there the last of April or May, although even that date has to be somewhat uncertain. I should be sorry to give up a place on the Commission but those of you who are on the ground will have to decide that. <I hope that Miss Balch and I could hold one place between us [alternating?].>

Please don't imagine we have been [misled] by the newspaper stories. The first rather absurd accounts are gradually being corrected by Mr. Lattimer and other people who are sympathetic and I think we have the situation fairly well in mind. [page 2]

I shall have to go to The Hague first because they have already twice postponed the meeting of the International Committee on my account and I think it is most important that we should hold one as quickly as possible but I don't believe I will have any difficulty in getting permission to go from Germany to Stockholm, although I suppose it is easy to be over confident.

I am so glad Mrs. Lochner and Bettie got off with Mr. Kliefoth, although I was inclined to advise them to wait until warmer weather. The Northern passage in winter did seem rather bleak for a little girl who had just recovered from an illness.

With cordial greetings to all of you and hoping to see you before many weeks, I am,

Faithfully yours,