Anna Marcet Haldeman to Jane Addams, February 3, 1916

Girard, Kansas
Feb 3rd 1916.

Dearest Auntie --

I found your letter here waiting for me when I reached home, Monday afternoon, from Kansas City where I had been to a K.S.B.A. Executive Board meeting and the thought of all that you must be going through has just crumpled me up. For I love you more than anyone in all this world. And oh, my dear, I want you to know that I do understand how hard it must be for you who have always had the vitality of ten and who measure life by activity and service to be obliged, suddenly, to give your attention simply to getting well, at the very moment that this great, [maladjusted] world needs you more than ever before! But there you are, Auntie -- it does need you and needs you so much that you must concentrate as thoroughly and with the same genuine [page 2] enthusiasm on this less congenial job, as on everything else you undertake.

I have a wild, chaotic impulse to go chasing straight out to you, but I know I should probably be only a precious nuisance and you and Mary Smith have such jolly times together that when you have her you don't need any one else. However, you remember this, my darling, you and Grandmother are all I have of my very own and any time your old naps get to be too much of a bore you send for the black sheep of the family. I don't mind [traveling] a bit and black sheep are often diverting at least.

I'll write you a more newsy epistle on Sunday. Meanwhile my love to Miss Smith and oceans and oceans to yourself, best and dearest of Aunties.

From Marcet.

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