Mabel L. Hyers to Anne Virginia Culbertson, January 17, 1916


My dear Miss Culbertson:

I have [today] received from Norway your letter of December the first to Miss Addams, which was sent to the Hotel Biltmore and carried away by the Secretary in the great mass of correspondence which was to be handled on the boat.

The poems have not been returned. I wish to thank you on behalf of Miss Addams for your kind thoughts and the poems.

As you probably know, Miss Addams did not reach New York, being taken very suddenly ill and was in the hospital for a month. She is getting about again now, but has to conserve her strength.

We are sending you some literature which may interest you.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Secretary.

Miss Anne Virginia Culbertson,
201 West Central Avenue,
Delaware, Ohio.

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