Mary Armistead Holt to Jane Addams, January 29, 1916

241 Armistead Ave.,
Hampton, Va.
January 29, 1916

My dear Miss Addams, --

(In case this letter finds itself in the hands of a secretary and not Miss Addams, may I beg of the secretary to see that it receives Miss Addams' personal attention.)

Because of your connection with the Woman's Peace Party and with the Ford expedition I am writing you thus:

No one can dispute the fact that the Moving Picture is one of the greatest of factors for influencing the public [today]. Some months ago I conceived the idea of a great drama setting forth a World at Peace and in a most practical way. There is a simple story running through to form the [center] around which the peace revelations revolve. [page 2]

I am a Virginia school teacher and vitally interested in the peace movement. You will find enclosed a sketch published in the Newport News paper on December 24, 1915 which was written by me in the interest of peace.

For some months I have worked on my plan and hope to complete it by June. Since the world needs immediately peace forces and our country is in dire need of [some] right now, I would like to produce the play this summer. It is impossible for me to personally to finance it or to secure audiences with those who could do so.

So if you will let me send a letter through you to Mr. Ford explaining my proposition, I could at least secure his personal consideration and perhaps he would think it a good thing.

How I shall watch for your reply and hope it will bring your consent to my plan!

yours truly,

Mary A. Holt [signed]

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