Mabel L. Hyers to Luella G. Caldwell, January 28, 1916


My dear Miss Caldwell:

I have your letter of January the 21st and while I am very anxious to help you to win your prize, I am at a loss as to how to provide you with the pamphlet you ask for. The only pamphlet which I know of whose title resembles "The Way to Permanent Peace" is an article which Miss Addams published in the Survey over a year ago entitled "Toward the Peace That Shall Last". I would suggest your writing to the World Peace foundation, 40 Mt. Vernon Street, [Boston], Massachusetts, requesting the pamphlet.

I am sorry that the subject of the contest is so futile in its purpose. It is very doubtful whether any force will bring the conflict in Europe to an end. The only hope lies in the conference of [Neutral] nations, the plans for which I am sending you under separate cover. Asides from this means, the only thing that would put an end to the struggle would be the refusal of the armies to fight at the dictation of the militarists. This would be impossible in the present strife.

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Secretary.

Miss Luella G. Caldwell,
Campbell, California.

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