Jane Addams to David Starr Jordan, January 27, 1916


January 27, 1916

My dear Dr. Jordan: --

My illness has been diagnosed as tuberculosis of the kidneys and I have been ordered to southern California for two months.

I did not accept the invitation to become a member of the Ford conference, but cabled that I hoped to go to Europe in April for the meeting of our International Committee of Women, and would communicate with them directly upon my arrival.

I also hope to attend the Berne Conference if it is held at that time, although a letter from Mrs. Fanny Fern Andrews this morning sounds a little discouraging as the English and French seem to be doing all they can to prevent any sort of Peace meeting.

In a letter received this morning from Mr. Bryan he says "I am informed that I am one of the five persons selected by the Ford party for a permanent peace commission -- you, Mr. Ford, Mr. Aked and Mrs. Fels [page 2] being the other members. I have accepted upon condition that it is not necessary to go at once and that I shall not be required to stay long at any one time. When are you going, if at all? Am conferring with Mr. Ford as to his plans."

It is almost impossible to communicate with Mr. Ford since his return. He is ill and his friends are evidently protecting him from everything connected with his Peace expedition. I quite agree with what you say in regard to the outcome of that expedition, but find it hard to be reconciled.

I was naturally very pleased when Madame Schwimmer succeeded in interesting Mr. Ford in the Conference of Neutrals, but I knew nothing of the ship until it had been chartered, and that only the day before I left New York. Mr. Ford's mind immediately became [centered] upon the ship and the curious slogans connected with it, and the Congress of Neutrals seemed to drop out of his mind in the hurry and rush day after day at the Biltmore. I should like to have an opportunity to talk to you some time about it.

Hoping very much to have the pleasure of seeing you in April, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Dr. David Starr Jordan
Leland Stanford University.