John Henry Dundas to Rebecca Shelley and Jane Addams, November 28, 1915


Auburn Nebraska 11-28-1915

To Miss Rebecca Shelley
<and> Miss Jane Addams

Esteemed coworkers for peace

Are there not many, many thousand men and women, fathers, mothers, brothers in this land of ours who would like to take a little part in the great movement but who have not had a chance to do so who would like to sign and send to the president a letter similar to the one enclosed?

And wouldn't the signing and sending of many of these letters do something toward building up and strengthening public sentiment? And could not a few dollars of the Ford $10,000 expended for postage etc easily secure the thousands of names?

I am only the publisher of a county newspaper but easily found about 800 ready to sign the letters in this county.

J H Dundas
Editor The Granger
Auburn, Nebraska

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