Anna Marcet Haldeman to Jane Addams, 1916


Dearest Auntie,

The Italian Club meets Sunday mornings and that makes it possible for the older boys to use the hall on Wednesday evenings. It is an easy evening for me. ↑These are my easiest ones↓ All I need to do is just be there. They amuse themselves and my presence keeps gambling & other mischief from starting.

This younger boys club is now an accomplished fact! They ↑It↓ had their first regular evening last Saturday and I believe they ↑it↓ are ↑is↓ going to be my star club. Am limiting its membership to thirty.

We have had to enlarge ↑increase that of↓ the older club to fifty members.

Every one, young and old is as keen about the Peacocks as I am!

I love you --


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