Harriet Park Thomas to Carrie Chapman Catt, December 31, 1915


December 31, 1915

Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt,
2 West 86th Street,
New York City.

My dear Mrs. Catt,

Miss Addams is very downcast at the thought of your absence from the Annual Meeting. She asks me to write and beg you if possible to go down to Washington for the Sunday afternoon meeting. She was depending upon you especially to preside at some of the sessions, as well as to make an address at the mass meeting.

Please, dear Mrs. Catt, if you can possibly arrange it, be present at the Sunday afternoon meeting.

We are all very happy over your election as National President for Suffrage. It seems as if we were getting back to the "old liners" with you in the chair.

Please believe me, with warm regards,

Sincerely yours,