Madeleine Zabriskie Doty to Jane Addams, December 23, 1915


83 Washington Pl. --

My dear Miss Addams: --

I have thought a good deal about you and wondered how you were getting on.

I hope you received the letter I [sent] to <the> hospital.

I am sending you the list of names taken from the telegrams. The total is not as great as I had expected.

In many cases you will find the addresses incomplete, but it was all that was given in the telegram. However wherever I could I have kept the individual under the association to which the individual belonged so they <could> be identified in that way. For instance -- Mrs. Mary L. McLendon --Atlanta-Georgia is probably not sufficient but if "Suffrage Association" is added, it would probably [page 2] reach her. Of course if I could have stayed in Washington all the time the work was going on it might have been better arranged. But that was too expensive. I only remained a few days & left a stenographer to complete the work.

I have been wondering what your plans are for the future of the Woman's Peace Party more & more every day it seems to me we should <be doing> something active. I doubt very much whether Mr Ford will be successful in his enterprise & if he is isn't, then it seems imperative that the women should return to The Hague in April and arrange for a conference of nations. Wouldn't it be wise to direct all our energies along those lines. A letter from Mrs. Lawrence tells of the difficulty of holding peace meetings.

At a meeting of the "Union for Democratic Control," Mr. Lawrence who was a speaker was flung [page 3] to the floor & the place taken possession of by soldiers. Mrs. Lawrence says that the <owners of the> hall where the women were to hold a meeting refused at the last moment to [fulfill] the contract & the meeting had to be given up & arranged for another time. All this opposition is due to the fact that more & more English people are joining in a demand for a conference of nations & the government fears it & makes believe that the meetings are "peace-at-any-price" talk when they are not at all, but are directed toward a conference of nations. I get the same news from Germany.

All of which makes me feel that we women of America ought to do everything we can to aid in a discussion of terms of peace.

I should be very glad [illegible] if you could let me hear from you. I want to know how you are personally & I should also [page 4] much like to hear what your plans are for the future of the [Woman's] Peace Party.

With many good wishes for Christmas & the New Year

Affectionately & devotedly

Madeleine Z Doty.