Harriet Park Thomas to Levi Hollingsworth Wood, December 21, 1915


My dear Mr. Wood:

Your letter to Miss Addams enclosing a reply to the President’s Manhattan Club speech, arrived just before Miss Addams fell ill. During the intervening weeks she has been unable to give her personal attention to her mail, and much of it has been referred to this office for answer.

I have read with great interest the article you enclosed and feel sure that a circulation of it as a petition would result in putting a great many people upon record in regard to preparedness.

Mrs. Lucia Ames Mead, National Secretary of our organization, wrote a reply which embodies many of the same features you emphasize, which she sent as a personal letter to the President. I am not authorized to endorse your statement on behalf of Miss Addams, but can assure you that it is entirely in accord with the fundamental principles of the Woman’s Peace Party.

Sincerely yours,

Executive Secretary.

Mr. L. Hollingsworth Wood,
43 Cedar St.,
New York, N.Y.

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