Mary L. Hanchett Stone to Jane Addams, November 26, 1915

Belmont Hotel
New York City
Nov. 26, 1915

My dear Miss Addams,

Your telegram sent to me with request, was forwarded to me by letter.

Without conceit I beg to make a conscientious reply. As I said to you at dear Hull House recently I have made an extensive excursion into International Political Science in Europe [page 2] these recent years and especially since 1909.

Therefore with my knowledge of the workings and intrigues of the Balance of Power system in Europe I could not willingly see the Neutral Powers petitioned to meet in Congress or Conference.

I am sorry I was unable to return as I said I hoped to do to address your Board this month in Chicago.

And now I am running [page 3] out from New York for Thanksgiving to return directly thereafter for conferences <with individuals> on this anxious Peace Question, which is ravishing all our hearts.

I do wish to aid toward Peace and speedily. I have personal interests and friends in direst jeopardy in Asiatic Turkey, among these the parents, brothers & charming sister of my much beloved foster child. Daily our hearts are wrung for these precious ones & other native Christians. [page 4] Nevertheless I know it to be futile to ask for the Neutral Powers to convene.

I have tried so hard to make sure of my convictions from my widely assisted European study. I can show you many pages written me by Queen Elisabeth, Carmen Sylva of [Romania] on these subjects, years back as well. Also my friendship with a Chevalier of the Court of Austria & his family. [page 5]

I, as but few, know the great errors of the Court of Austria and the remedial chances for her. I know almost accurately the ambitions, designs & purposes of all the Courts, Parliaments and Banks of Europe. I have had close financial relations and opportunities for rare investigations. And I must say a Conference of the Neutral Powers is impractical [page 6] and impossible & worthless.

I think I could sit down with Madame Schwimmer and Ethel Snowden, and show them many things hidden from them within their own Countries and make them messengers to their native lands.

I feel a larger understanding must come to the belligerent Powers themselves. For this I have and am laboring and should enjoy the aid of [page 7] your splendid Woman's Peace Party.

Evil must finally be overcome from within, -- cleanse the stream at its fountain. Therefore I am sorry not to be able to address our President as you request.

Soon as I return from New York I should be pleased to go to Chicago to address your Party on International Problems -- Or should you telegraph your <our> Society in New York would like to address your <our> Peace Party there. [page 8]

I have the Cause at heart, am a sustaining member of our Peace Party -- and would love to serve. Even if my view is averse to your proposition, it will broaden your horizon and not injure your cause. For in the Cause of Peace we are united, with divergent visions as to practical measures.

You can reach me until Tuesday night by wire at Hotel Belmont. My summer in Russia, Norway, Sweden & Denmark [page 9] greatly confirmed me in my present view of this great International Problem. <Neutral Powers cannot work & I can show you why not>

There are two points on which we ought to act speedily and through our President. There is no time for delays. I should want you Miss Addams to come to hear me if I spoke in New York. Truly I wish to help. And believe me [illegible] intercession for your guidance and in behalf of our suffering world

Very sincerely yours, Mary H. Stone [page 10]

I think I see a way opening to some new measures in behalf of Peace. I do want to get before you all -- but my life is so busy. I have urgent domestic duties crowding in upon me. I must soon return to Saginaw. My house is not open and my little boy is coming home for Christmas holidays. I must leave New York by <12 P.M.> Thursday. Yours cordially

Mary H. Stone 

<Wire me if you desire an address there or Chicago.> [page 11]

P.S. I think you will recall my fleeting visit one evening to Hull House and also my friends Count & [Countess] von Borosini of Saginaw Michigan. I am now working with my personal influence with members of the German Government in behalf of staying hand of atrocity of the Turks. I have dear friends in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Constantinople. I am trying to get courage to go to them. <Mary H. Stone of Saginaw, Mich.> [page 12]

[Enclosure] is a letter from my Secretary who often when there is no real business on hand inscribes herself as "Your Friend." The influence of the Russian life & other things, together with God's own Providence in my behalf, has brought me to the Altar. I was [baptized] last month and am to be confirmed Palm Sunday. That is the meaning of the "now" in last paragraph <her letter.> Oh the grace of our dear Cross on the battlefield was miraculous & opened to me the mysteries!