Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, March 24, 1902

265 Henry St
New York


Here I am in the rush of dinner parties and unfailing kindness -- sporting about in the fine clothes which you have provided like a great [swell]. My black broadcloth dazzles all who behold it. I have never been so fine. We had a spirited meeting with the Consumer's League last Thursday and thoroughly routed poor Sister [Kelley] who has been so meek ever since that I am almost alarmed. The Executive Committee are to meet on Tuesday the ninth, I am coming back then and had [one] hope that by inserting a Clause in the constitution that the Labor com. reserves the right to judge if the efficiency of the factory laws of [the?] each state to [page 2] which the labor is given. We could then inform Mr Selfridge et al that this action had been taken after the Lewis label had been given [etc.] and stave them off until better legislation was secured.

We had a fearsome dinner party last evening -- Judge Jerome was here and other gentlemen mighty in the reformed city, it is an awfully interesting place this town and simply miles ahead of us in all save Democracy! They are getting dazzled by the "expert" a la Englishman.

The book comes out April 2d and one will be sent to M. R. S. p. d. quick there has been some delay about paper and the Boston strike.

We are trying to persuade Miss Wald and Miss McDowell to go to Cal. May 1st and we will [page 3] probably succeed I think.  J. Weber may go with me then, I am saving some interesting correspondence between myself and the [Abbots] to show you and also a letter of apology from Mr Herrick which was really quite touching in its simplicity.

I am longing for the first letter. I went to see John serve palms last Sunday, the service was really quite beautiful and took my mind back to Europe in a curious way. The first Palm (Palm) Sunday I ever saw celebrated was in Rome. I have written to your mother this morning and am sure the Atlantic City scheme is going to be very jolly. [page 4]

Please give my love to E. Smith and believe always forever and unchangingly yours. J. A.

March 24" 1902