Lizzie Norton French to Jane Addams, November 25, 1915


General Federation of Women's Clubs

99 High St., Portland, Maine
Thanksgiving Day 1915
Miss Jane Addams
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Friend,

Your telegram received, and [today] I have wired the President, a copy of telegram enclosed.

In sending messages for concerted action does your office address messages to the National, and State Peace Societies? I have no doubt you do so, but I am not sure, as I understood [James] Tryon to say, while calling here yesterday, that he had not received messages. I know from meeting you in National Conventions, the last time at Buffalo (Conference of C. & C.) that you are <a> staunch believer in cooperation. I think we shall have a big peace meeting here about the time Congress meets. That is my hope. If Peace societies are to justify their right to claim public attention, they should be active now, when needed to stem this tide of war thought. I did say to Mr Tryon, that the quietude of the peace forces, since the war began, reminded me of a man, who was so shiftless that he cut his cord wood in Summer, and his hay in Winter.

Our [Press] papers are flooded with preparedness [propaganda], quite enough to make the heart sick. Two large meetings have been held in the State at which Admiral Peary, and others spoke in favor of large expenditure of public money for Military Preparedness. Senator Johnson <of Maine> is quoted in the daily papers as saying "We should carry out this program without any thought of expense."

<Yours with every good wish>

Mrs George F French [signed]