Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, May 19, 1902


My dear Alice

This is my first day down stairs [although] I am still shaky & [heady?] I am really over my difficulties I think.

[illegible] goes abroad for the summer Laura takes the Coffee House in her absence she begins today with some fear and trembling.

[Although] the baby came this week and will be here until a week from Monday when Sarah comes home from Oxford, it would be very nice if you and Marcet could be here then. We take our Summer School to Chautauqua N.Y. this year starting July 3d, you might come early and incorporate that in your summer's plans, it would be very fine for us -- I don't mean to hold [out] for a [long epistle?] but am always your loving sister --

Jane Addams

May 19" 1902

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