Gerard Joseph Stack to Jane Addams, October 22, 1915

Weston, W.Va.
Oct. 22, 1915
Miss [Jane] Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams: There is little present prospect of peace in Europe, but the friends of world-wide permanent peace should not neglect preparedness and every one should offer suggestions even at the risk of some of them being anticipated and others of them being unwise.

It is worthy of consideration whether it will be wiser to hold a World's Permanent Peace Conference immediately at the close of war while men's passions are still hot or wait until they are cooler and until they are forced to realize the awful folly of war by taxation almost beyond limit and others sufferings almost unendurable.

Representatives not only from every nation f but from every important colony should be invited to the Peace Conference.

Among the methods adopted for securing permanent peace there must be, of course a World Supreme Court and a World Police Force.

A discriminating tariff should be imposed on those nations that persist in remaining armed, this to be followed after __ years with a sentence of non-intercourse with peace nations. If [those] measure prove inefficacious, they should be [page 2] [forcibly?] disarmed.

[two damaged words] treaties, agreements or understandings between [peace] nations should be prohibited.

Universal free trade would prove an aid to world-wide permanent peace and a general advantage, but whether it would prove industrially injurious and unfair to some nations I do not know.

If there were evidence that the majority of the people of any armed nation desired to enter among the peace nations and their government refused to disarm, the World Police force should aid the majority to secure their desire.

There appears little doubt that the vast majority of the nations and peoples of the world will favor permanent peace, and <the> few remaining armed nations cannot long withstand a discriminatory tariff, so it is very improbable there will be much employment for the World's Police Force.

If you have any peace literature for distribution, I hope you will kindly place [illegible] my name on your list.

Very respectfully,

Gerard J. Stack

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