Alice May Douglas to Jane Addams, October 8, 1915


Bath, Me., Oct. 8 -- '15.

Miss Jane Addams;
[Chicago], Ill.

My [dear?] Miss Addams: --

Mrs Robert Aley wrote me that she [was to?] have literature sent me concerning the Woman's Peace Party, but so far I have received none. We have no funds, from which to purchase such but, if you have any for free distribution, I can see that it is given out at the State S. S. Convention, Bath, Oct. 19-20 and at the State Teachers' Convention, Bangor, Oct. 28-29. I am planning to be at both and it can be sent to my address in Care of the Conventions. I can also try to have some of it reproduced in the state press.

I hope that some of our large papers will have a Department for the Party: I am planning to talk it up.

I have given several lectures for the W.P.P, and plan to give many more soon. [page 2]

A member of the Mass. Party did [considerable?] work among the children at a [seaside?] resort in Maine.

I shall be pleased to receive any [illegible] from you.

Sincerely yours,

Alice May Douglas.
Assistant State Chairman of Woman's Peace Party for Maine.

Bath, ME.

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