Edward William Bok to Jane Addams, March 29, 1915



March twenty-ninth
Nineteen hundred and fifteen

My dear Miss Addams:

Thank you for returning the interview, and I appreciate all the corrections you made in it. It was very kind of you to give me the time for this talk, and I have asked our Treasurer to show his appreciation in his way: just enough to buy you a good, warm coat for the proposed trip across.

Of course, we will let the matter of the two editorials hang fire until your return from The Hague. I wish I were going with you to my native country to see the assembly of women. In [your] opinion would there be anything in the idea [page 2] of an article from you giving your impression of the Woman's Congress at The Hague and what was accomplished there, to be published in The Ladies' Home Journal? Of course, the newspapers may report it so fully as to kill the efficiency of any magazine article, and to make it even partly effective for us the copy would have to be in our hands by May fifteenth, which would be the latest date that we could hold a page open for July, and even then, you will see, the article will not appear until two months after the Congress has been held. Do you think you could write an impression of the occasion which would have an interest outside of the newspaper reports, and do you think there is anything in the idea at all? [page 3]

Thank you very much for your suggestion to Mrs. Bok and myself to come and see you at your home at Mount Desert this summer, and this we will certainly bear in mind.

With every good regard, believe me,

Very sincerely yours,

Edward Bok [signed]

Miss Jane Addams

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