Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, February 11, 1902


My dear Alice,

Please write out the agreement in regard to the Dakota land and Stanley and I will sign it. I have no idea of course that he will ever use the land, merely suggested this to avoid the delay of the Probate Court, however if you prefer the deed I will start affairs in motion. I have just come back from St Louis where I have had a charming little visit with Esther and have quite lost my heart to our grand niece. She is such a well-behaved baby -- goes to [page 2] sleep at ten and never wakes until seven, gains a pound a week, is cutting a tooth and all sorts of advanced things.

I did not send a copy of Weber's book because he said he was going to send you one. I will send one along however to Marcet & if the other comes, two in the family will not be amiss. Laura sends her love to Marcet and yourself as does your loving sister J. A.

 P. S.

Mrs [Thompson] took dinner with us last Sunday and we all enjoyed her very much. [Mrs Kusin?] was ill and could not come.

Feby 11 "1902