Jane Addams to Rose Dabney Forbes, March 25, 1915


March 25, 1915

My dear Mrs. Forbes: --

Miss Breckenridge has told me of her reply to your letter and telegram which came during my absence from Hull-House. While I appreciate Miss Breckenridge's motives in the matter, I hope very much that Mrs. Andrews will be considered as Chairman of the delegation, or whatever title it is that the Europeans use for the head of a body of delegates.

Mrs. Catt showed me a letter from Dr. Jacobs, Chairman of the Hague conference, in which the Executive Committee asked her to preside over the councils, and in case she could not do so they urged that I should go as presiding officer. In that case I could not serve as head of the delegation, and in any event Mrs. Andrews seems to me to be the proper person.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the Massachusetts Branch for their great kindness in making it possible for Mrs. Andrews to go. I just heard this morning that Mrs. Spencer will be unable to attend. Mrs. Mead finds it impossible to go so that without Mrs. Andrews [page 2] we should indeed be at sea.

I have been trying to persuade someone to go early with her but have not yet succeeded. That she should be there early is, of course, most important and will do a great deal toward making the whole movement coherent.

With sincere appreciation of your part in the matter, I am

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Malcolm Forbes
Milton, Massachusetts.

P.S. I telegraphed to Mrs Andrews today enclosing the appointment. J. A.