Enrico Bignami to Julia Grace Wales, June 16, 1915


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For the "League of Neutral Countries"

Propaganda Committee


Lugano, the

Mr. Giulia Grace Wales

of the University of WISCONSIN (Wis.U.S.A.)


We read with deep interest the brief you presented at the "International Women's Congress" in The Hague on April.

The idea that you advocate continual Mediation from the Neutral Countries in the League, as we advocate, is perfectly in the order of our propaganda, and we are very glad to work with you and your friends for his realization.

Advocating the formation of a League of Neutral Countries, or mionon, we proposed the aims indicated in our appeals. In them there is the one for timely mediation. Now, your proposition which this particular mediation should give to a particular form characterizes all condidation; and while you will have to help us morally and materially to decide a neutral state to become the initiator of the League of all the Neutral Countries, we will be ready to help you to accept as one of the postulates of the League, that of creation. a committee for continual mediation.

Looking forward to your friendly reply as to whether you accept our proposal for mutual cooperation, we ask you to accept.

Mademoiselle, the expression of our most distinguished consideration.

Enrico Bignami [signed]

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