Peace Campaign Abroad Clipping, August 2, 1915



League Plans Branches and Bars Peace-at-Any-Price Men.

Advocates of peace at any price are not to be permitted to have a prominent part in the affairs of the League to Enforce Peace of which ex-President William H. Taft is the head, according to a statement yesterday from officials of the league announcing the preliminary movement for the organization of branches among the European powers.

The league, which was formed in Philadelphia on June 17, has opened negotiations with some of the European countries, the intention being to form branches among the belligerent powers and the neutral countries. To that end a Committee on Foreign Organization has been formed, with Theodore Marburg, former United States Ambassador to Belgium, as the Chairman. The committee has begun negotiations with a group of men in Great Britain, headed by Lord Bryce. The organization of the British branch is to be followed by organizations in France, Holland, and Italy.

"The fact that the Belgian Government is not in possession of Belgium," the league representative said yesterday, "will not stand in the way of the formation of a Belgian branch. Belgian leaders in France and England will be invited to form a branch of the league without waiting for the war to end. An effort will also be made to interest Germans in the purposes of the league with a view of forming a German branch.

"The present war and its problems are not within the scope of this organization's consideration. Its concern is with the future only. It looks to the time, after peace has been declared in Europe, when this country and the other great powers will enter into an alliance which shall tend to lessen the probability of wars."

The Executive Committee has been enlarged by the election of Myron T. Herrick, former Ambassador to France; David R. Francis, ex-Governor of Missouri; Dr. John Grier Hibben, President of Princeton University; and Dr. Frederick Lynch, Secretary of the Church Peace Union. These additional Vice Presidents have been elected: Senator Theodore E. Burton, Dr. Shailer [Mathews], Miss Mary [E.] Woolley, Miss Jane Addams, Miss Mary Burnham, Miss Mabel Boardman, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, Mrs. Philip N. Moore, Mrs. J. Malcolm Forbes, and Mrs. Fanny Fern Andrews.

The league has accepted an offer of the cartoonist, C. R. Macauley, to draw a series of weekly cartoons dealing with the events of the day.