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Addams notifies Jordan about a trip she is going on to the Hague and hopes she can visit him in August.

Addams discusses the impact of woman suffrage on India, Burma, Japan, and China.

Addams tells Jacobs about her illness and surgery in Japan and describes the effects of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

Jacobs writes Addams in alarm over the news of her impending breast surgery.

Addams tells Linn she has been released from the hospital and will convalesce in Nikko.

Smith updates Linn on Jane Addams' condition and upcoming breast surgery.

Addams tells Blackwell that she is unable to join a movement in support of Mohandas Gandhi until she is able to study the issue.

Addams agrees with Terrell's objection to calling for the removal of black French troops in Germany and invites her to attend the local meeting where the issue is on the agenda.

Terrell tells Addams that she cannot sign a petition calling for the removal of African-American soldiers from Germany on accusations of abuse of women. Terrell believes that it is race prejudice.

Addams thanks Sedgwick for sending her a book and remarks about an article which might further inform him on Russia.

Hyers congratulates Pettit on the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs' adoption of a Peace Resolution.

Kellogg informs Addams that Paul Kellogg will be in France until the end of the year working with the Red Cross.

Addams asks Sedgwick to contact her publisher and relates some subjects which she may be interested in writing about.

Gulick sends Addams a leaflet giving an account of the work done by the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Addams inquires about what dates are convenient for Slayden to come to the Executive Board meeting, and mentions some topics they must discuss.

Mead asks Addams to notify the Executive Board if any changes are made to their meeting plans.

Addams asks Nichols to send two letters to Gale and Slayden.

Spencer believes that Boston is the best choice for the Executive Board Meeting and gives the dates best for her.

Nichols writes to Post saying Karsten is out of town on vacation for the time being.

Post asks Karsten to send Slayden a notification about the Executive Board Meeting.

Mead informs Addams of the activities and struggles faced by the Massachusetts Executive Board.

Spencer informs Addams it is impossible for her to attend the upcoming Board meeting if it is held during a certain period of time.

Post gives her preferences regarding the Executive Board meeting, suggesting it be in New York or Boston.

Breckinridge informs Addams that she cannot attend a meeting in New York and gives her thoughts on the statement of principles.

Nichols forwards a document in which Breckinridge must sign.

Spencer suggests the Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and states issues that may arise by having it in New York.

Mead gives further suggestions as to the date and place of the Executive Board meeting.

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