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Ely forwards Addams part of a letter from Justice O. W. Holmes of the U. S. Supreme Court, expressing how much he liked Addam's book Democracy and Social Ethics.
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Addams discusses the shift from industrialism to humanism.

Armstrong writes to Addams about the differences between gender segregated and non-segregated classes and how women and men teach these classes differently.

Addams replies to Brett of The Macmillan Company assuring the manuscript's near complete status, as well as some signed manuscripts.

Brett informs Addams that her manuscript for The Newer Ideals of Peace is going straight to the printers for production.

Ely writes to Addams upon finishing his proofreading of The Newer Ideals of Peace, and proceedes to tell her about his edits.

Ely gives a detailed account of his finds while proofreading Addams' The Newer Ideals of Peace.
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Addams introduces the Chicago Industrial Exhibit's goals and content for publication in its Handbook.
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Addams highlightings the lack of attention most pay to the industrial labor done to produce everyday goods.

Gibson praises Addams' Newer Ideals of Peace and encloses his poem advocating for women's rights.

Van Der Vaart and Nicholes praise Addams' article on the Averbuch incident and pledge help.

McCormick writes Addams to praise her article on the Averbuch Incident.

Lyon writes in support of Addams' article on the Averbuch Incident.

Linn praises Addams on her article on the Averbuch Incident and discusses his decision to return to the University of Chicago to teach.

Bijur praises Addams article on the Averbuch incident in Charities and Commons.

Brown writes Addams to praise her article on the Averbuch incident in Charities and the Commons.

Dudley thanks Addams for sending a copy of her Charities and Commons,

Tate urges Addams to publish the Averbuch newspaper article for a wider circulation.

Smith writes Addams to praise her for the article on the Averbuch Incident, to ask for five copies, and to send best wishes for a pleasant time in Richmond, Virginia.

Addams sends a copy of her Charities and the Commons article to clarify her position on the Averbuch Incident.

MacVeagh writes Addams about his intention to read her Charities and the Commons article on the Averbuch incident.

Tarbell writes Addams about her speech before the Playground Association and thanks her for her hospitality during her visit to Hull House.

Morron praises Addams on her recent article in Charities and the Commons concerning the Averbuch incident.

Dawes praises Addams' piece in Charities and the Commons about the Averbuch Incident.

Coman writes Addams for a luncheon meeting and thanks her for the copy of the Charities and the Commons article.

Schneider thanks Addams for sending a copy of her article in Charities and the Commons.

Addams writes to Wald about an article that she wrote.
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Peabody praises Addams' recent article on Chicago settlements.

Crissey writes Addams that he wishes her to begin work on an article she suggested for the Ladies Home Journal.
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Draft program Addams sends to David Bressler for the Conference of Charities and Correction.

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