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Flowers asks Addams to endorse a series of lectures he planned to inspire interest in the Progressive movement.

Lindsay sends Kellor a report of the Progressive Legislative Committee.

Kellogg asks Addams to critique a draft of the annual report of The Survey and sends a short biography that will appear with her name on the staff list.

Minutes of a meeting of the Progressive National Service's Organization Committee of the Board of Trustees.
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Addams expresses why the time is now that women should be able to vote, with in regards to the social power women have which can be used for political power.

Quick takes issue with the inclusion of a single tax in C. L. Logan's peace plan.

Addams sends Ickes a paper with a suggestion that she received.
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Addams praises President Wilson on accomplishing many of the goals of the Progressive Party during his first term.

Kellogg urges Addams to participate in the National Conference on Foreign Relations, seeing it as an opportunity to get progressive voices before powerful men.

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