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Widegren tells Addams that the Swedes are having difficulty accepting the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's pacifist platform passed at the International Congress of Women.

Butts writes Addams about her fears of communism, fascism, and violent ideology and recommends the creation of an International Peace Bureau.

Information on the planned Peacemakers' Pilgrimage to be held in June.

Rochester reviews Marcelle Capy's L'Amour Roi.

Johnson tells Elliott about her experience with peace celebrations.

Elliott tells Johnson that she believes it is acceptable for peace workers to take part in an Armistice Day event with veterans and preparedness supporters.

Shiverick criticizes Addams and the peace movement for operating in theory to end war rather that focusing on the deterrent of preparedness.

Misař tells Addams about the violence in Hungary.

Glücklich drafts a letter to the Peruvian president asking him to show show amnesty to citizens exiled and persecuted for their beliefs during Peru's Army Day celebration of December 9.

Collson sends Addams her thoughts about peace and asks for help finding work she can do for peace.

Balch tells Mead about her meeting with the American Defense Society and discusses the divide between left and right positions within the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.