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Addams endorses Wilson's plan for a league of nations as a step towards permanent peace.

Addams endorses the League of Nations at a speech to the Saturday Night Friendly Club in Indianapolis.

An announcement for the International Conference for League of Nations, listing goals and organizational supporters.

Addams supports the League of Nations at the Farmers' Week meeting at the University of Missouri.

Addams opened the membership campaign for the National Child Labor Committee in Pittsburgh and spoke to the Western Pennsylvania League of Women Workers on the need

Beek en Donk invites Addams to attend the International Conference for the League of Nations.

Addams discusses how the League of Nations can protect migratory laborers.

A broadside advertising Addams' lecture on the League of Nations at the Macauley Theatre in Louisville, KY.

Addams sends Dodd a petition regarding the League of Nations and hopes to see him before she leaves for Europe.

Levermore tells Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace was approved to join the League of Nations Union.

Karsten tells Levermore that she will have Addams respond to his letter on her return to the United States.

Addams tells Cummings her views on the League of Nations.

Mead writes to Addams to discuss the future of the Woman's Peace Party and her efforts to support the League of Nations.

Balch writes a long letter to Addams, detailing her life, the WILPF office in Geneva, activities regarding prisoner of war, and international education.

Addams updates Jacobs on with an update about American peace activities, relief efforts and reaction to the League of Nations.

Levinson sends Addams his donation to Hull-House and hopes to meet with her to discuss the League of Nations.

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