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Wilson informs Addams that Ida M. Tarbell cannot serve on the United States Tariff Commission.

Addams advises Morris not to hire James Tryon, instead suggesting that they hire Lewis Gannett for the Chicago Peace Society position.

Jordan sends his impressions of two candidates for a peace job to Addams.

Zueblin recommends a former student, M. Louise Grant, who he thinks would be able to help the Woman's Peace Party.

Dilla seeks a position as a lecturer or organizer in the peace movement.
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Addams spoke to the City Club about the unemployment crisis, explaining the role of Hull-House in providing space for public debate on the issue.

Taylor, Addams, and Henderson endorse Charles B. Ball for Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds at the Library of Congress.
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Addams expresses why the time is now that women should be able to vote, with in regards to the social power women have which can be used for political power.

Leidigh asks Addams for a recommendation to fill an opening as head resident for the Swope Center.

Harper tells Addams about how hard she has worked but she has not received any further word from those who she has cleaned for recently.

Harris tells Addams that she used her as a job reference.

Orgeni, a voice instructor, offers a reference for soprano Mabel Hall.

Jennings provides a reference for soprano Mabel Preston Hall.

The Chicago branch of the NAACP protests the Wilson administration's apparent racial discrimination in the federal civil service.

Kellogg suggests that Charles Stelzle might serve as secretary and Samuel Lindsay the chairman of the Committee on Social and Industrial Justice.

Addams asks Breckinridge if she might know someone who could fill a position.

Addams asks about plans to select a new member of the Examining Board for the Detention Home.

Addams asks Haldeman to help raise funds to help Alice Spradlin.

Roosevelt encloses letters (not found) about the appointment of Helen Longstreet to the Progressive National Committee.

Coman writes Addams to explain the terms of her commitment to work with the Progressive Party.

Coman writes Addams to lend her services to the Progressive Party and offers Addams her book, The Economic Beginnings of the Far West.

Addams informs Baker about a potential job for Mr. Rath.

Breckinridge asks Addams's advice about some filling job positions and the 50th anniversary of emancipation.

Freeman tells his life story and how he needs support to win a court case.

Prosser asks Addams for advice in selecting a woman to work for the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education.

A list of women who worked for the Cook County Campaign.

An outline listing the Committee on Industrial Relations' steps to creating a safe and healthy workplace.

Updike asks Addams to assist a young man in Chicago who has had a difficult life and needs some guidance.

Rosenwald and Addams write Mack in support of the appointment of Julia Lathrop to head the United States Children's Bureau.

Addams writes James about a replacement for Belle La Follette on the board of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

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