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Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Lynch writes about the travels of Battin, and some of his accomplishments in traveling abroad to various branches of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Addams discusses the upcoming National Conference on Foreign Relations.

Kellogg urges Addams to participate in the National Conference on Foreign Relations, seeing it as an opportunity to get progressive voices before powerful men.

Nasmyth sends a reply to Wilson's recent speech explaining the need for disarmament to perpetuate national safety rather than an increase in war preparation. He offers a list of proposals to ensure peace which focus on strengthening international relations.

Karsten sends Fiske a post card to send to Congress to oppose entering World War I.

Fiske asks Addams to create a petition for the women of America to oppose entry into World War I.

Addams refuses Lochner's request to set up an interview for him with President Wilson.

Jacobs and Manus update Addams on the results of a poll on holding a Congress After the War.

Love writes to Addams about Germany's warmongering and condemns its militarism.

Jordan hopes to travel to Europe but since Ford withdrew his support of the Neutral Conference, there is not much for him to do there.

Karsten writes on behalf of Addams, informing members of the Woman's Peace Party of the efforts being made to stop militaristic sentiments.

Thomas asks Addams if a plan of action should be spread among branches and chairmen regarding any referendums about the war.

Addams explains what the National Office of the Woman's Peace Party has been doing as the United States is on the brink of becoming involved in the war.

Addams hopes that small European neutral countries do not make any kind of statement to also become involved in the war.

Addams hopes that Wilson will take action to form a league of neutral nations.

Axson praises Addams for Women at the Hague and her work advancing peace negotiations.

A form letter from Wilson thanks Addams for her generous response to his recent speech.
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