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Webster sends Addams a pamphlet on The World's Peace Film Co. which details the company's officers and its plan to create films to promote world peace. It also describes how people can invest in the company to make a profit.
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Addams warns independent women against men who will try to take advantage of them in matters of money. This column appeared with slight variations in a number of newspapers between 1907-1910.
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Addams warns independent women against men who will try to take advantage of them in matters of money. This is a reprint of an article first published in 1907.

Nourse tells Addams that the Hull House Players decided to donate all their money to Hull House after disbanding.

Bill from Cronkrite to Marvin for managing Addams' land issue.

Addams wrote Rosenwald requesting him to donate additional funds to the National Child Labor Committee but Graves would like additional financial information on the Committee before he recommends that Rosenwald make a larger donation.

Graves informs Addams that Rosenwald will be donating $500 to the National Child Labor Committee.

Bruere informs Daggett of Vanderlip's intention to make a financial pledge and support the Woman's Peace Party in the future.

Addams questions the process of how pension funds are being distributed to needing families and how it needs to be handled better while criticizing the city of Chicago's government for not doing enough to help the poor.

On behalf of Charles Crane, Rogers sends Addams a $500 donation to Hull-House.

McNitt provides Addams with a list of newspapers that purchased her articles about the Progressive Party and the income received.

Marple wants to leave part of her fortune to a peace organization that is unfaltering in its ideals and asks Addams if the Woman's Peace Party fits that description.

Lansingh writes Addams to schedule a meeting in Chicago to discuss a $5,000 donation to Hull-House.

Addams describes how a man can support his family on $12 per week.

Roosevelt asks Addams to read a letter and handle the potential issue of a man from his military regiment in need of money.

An article criticizing Senator Boies Penrose and Theodore Roosevelt as corrupt.
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Addams testifies before the House Military Affairs Committee against indulging in military preparedness.

Breckinridge sends $1,000 to the International Committee and promises to send $1,000 in the future.

Breckinridge writes Addams about finances, planning, and expected attendees of the upcoming Child Welfare Exhibit in Chicago.

Breckinridge sends Addams the Auditor's statement (not found) for the Woman's Peace Party.

Haldeman directs the sale of Jane Addams' property in Stevenson County to Freeman Keene.

Haldeman negotiates a deal for Addams with Marvin and Keene.

Haldeman discusses contracts and corporations with Marvin regarding Addams family properties.

Tooley asks Addams about any personal affects from her brother-in-law's estate.

McClure writes Addams to inform her he likes an article she submitted, is sending $300 for it, and seeks appropriate photographs for it as well.

McClure apologizes to Addams for the delay in his company's payment for her series of articles in McClure's Magazine.

Evans sends Addams an inventory of estate of James W. Tooley, who may have left a behest to Addams or Hull-House.
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