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Mandel sends Addams a final donation her husband set aside to give to Hull-House.

Hutchinson offers Bowen leads for securing donations for Hull-House and discusses future visits.

McCarthy asks Addams for financial backing for his plan to hire stenographers to help create and distribute materials and legislative bills for the Progressive Party Legislative Bureau.

French advises Addams to clear up the issue of her guardianship of the estate of William Orr.

In Addams' absence, Schwartz is willing to meet Hodges to discuss an overdue bill.

On behalf of Jane Addams, Schwartz writes to Rosenwald about the terms of his loan to Mr. Goldman.

Schwartz tells Karsten that he will handle the Charles Kimball bequest to Hull-House.

Schwartz informs Addams about the Charles Kimball estate bequest to Hull-House and condemns Orrin Carter's criticism of Addams.

Carman encloses a report (not attached) of an inspection of Hull-House's operations looking for ways to run it more economically.

Minutes of a meeting that discussed discharging inactive committees and members, finding suitable offices for the association, setting dates of future meetings, relationships with the new Mayoral administration, provisions of the new tenement ordinance, relationship between the association and the Chicago Municipal Museum, and the appointment of a committee, including Addams, to examine public school sanitary conditions.

Macmillan tells Scandinavian members that Ford has offered a $200,000 donation to the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and discusses reactions from the International office.

Macmillan updates Addams about the financial situation of the International Committee.

Ford donates a large sum to the peace movement and asks Addams to send greetings to her colleagues.

Landsberg, writing for Addams, sends Breckinridge two letters regarding a misunderstanding at a recent meeting of the board of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Mead argues that a new Constitutional amendment is required to prevent secret meetings and sabotage in the upper echelons of society.

Alice and Sarah C, Robson agree to lend $2,500 to the Hull-House Association, which will be paid back at $100 per year unless both die before it is repaid.

Alice and Sarah C, Robson agree to lend $5,000 to the Hull-House Association, which will be paid back at $200 per year unless both die before it is repaid.

Contract between Addams and Macmillan Company to publish a cheap edition of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

A contract between The Macmillan Company and Jane Addams for publishing inexpensive editions of "A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil."

The contract states the financial and publication terms of Jane Addams's Twenty Years at Hull House with the Macmillan Company.

The publishing contract between the Macmillan Company and Jane Addams for A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Addams lists those who have contributed to the Woman's Congress After the War.

A list of people who have pledged to help fund the Woman's Congress After the War.
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Crane praises Addams's book and discusses other noteworthy people.

Benedict responds to some of Addams' queries regarding the finances of the Woman's Peace Party.

The publishing company sends Addams $500 as payment for her The Ladies' Home Journal article "Why Girls Go Wrong."
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