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Pope tells Addams about the Western states' struggle to organize successful peace activities and requests her help and expertise.

Helena Lucy Maria Sickert Swanwick sends a telegram to Jane Addams on plans to leave Zurich.

Addams and Hamilton report on their visit to Germany to see conditions after World War I.

Balch tells Addams about the activities of the WILPF office.

Addams updates Jacobs on with an update about American peace activities, relief efforts and reaction to the League of Nations.

Balch sends Addams a copy of the report she is sending to the London Economic Conference.

This document recounts the milk shortages in several Central European countries and emphasizes the importance of milk for children and the ill.

Chichmanova discusses the political situation in the Balkans following World War I and seeks to set up a study committee of WILPF on the question.

Balch tells Addams that she is moving WILPF funds to an American bank for fears about the European economy.

Addams discusses efforts to save starving children in Europe.

Addams warns of the dangers of the new nationalistic favor sweeping the world following the war. This article was a version of her speech to the American Sociological Society on December 29, 1919.

Curtis criticizes Addams' defense of immigrants and her views of political deportations.

Morel claims that France is stationing black soldiers in Germany to rape and terrorize German women.

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