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Addams asks the Mayor for permission to see Abraham Isaak and other anarchists arrested in the wake of the McKinley assassination.

Freeman tells his life story and how he needs support to win a court case.

Addams was put in charge of Orr's estate until he was of age, and now that he is old enough, Addams would like him to go to court and regain control of his estate.
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A preface by Addams, explaining the importance of the book Safeguard for City Youth at Work and Play and matters of child welfare.
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Addams explains how educational background, economic situations, and family predicaments have an impact on juvenile crime; and she argues for special treatment of the "juvenile adult." The article was published in October 1913.

Addams sends Schwartz a letter from Charles French regarding her role as William Orr's guardian.

Freeman writes Landsberg a lengthy story about how he ended up in jail.

With Maud Booth, Addams addresses the Merchant's Club, appealing for aid in helping criminals and rescuing boys who may become criminals.
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