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Royden telegrams that British speakers are willing to attend the upcoming meeting if an international platform is part of the meeting.
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Addams discusses the problem of inducing people to engage with the peace movement rather than following more nationalistic and warlike activities.
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Article summarizes and quotes from Addams' speech and comments on neighborhood improvement at the National Conference of Charities and Correction.
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Addams discusses a previous study on newsboys and argues that there are no child labor laws that protect them. These comments were made at the National Child Labor Committee annual meeting in January 1909.
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Addams gave this speech at a meeting of the National Child Labor Committee, held in New York City. In it she discussed the child labor reform work done in Chicago.
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Addams discusses the nature of the peace movement and the key players within it before the Chicago Association of Commerce.

At the inaugural conference of the Women's Trade Union League, held at the Berkeley Lyceum in New York, Addams argues that women workers should unionize to improve working conditions.

Nestor thanks Leach for the accommodations provided to the Women's Trade Union League at the Bowen Country Club.

Bourland received Addams' letter too late but will try to accommodate Addams' request.

Bourland could not find a spot for Thomas to speak but believes that she could speak in Chattanooga.

Shaw writes Addams about the papers to be read at the municipal government conference.

Aletta and Manus vote for the peace conference to be held in May in Holland.

Jacobs and Manus update Addams on the results of a poll on holding a Congress After the War.

Norton thanks Baller for the letter of support for Addams' trip to The Hague.

Norton thanks Hamilton for a booklet he sent to Addams.

Post gives Addams updates on the arrangements of the International Peace Congress, including another woman interested in attending.

Post suggests that Addams get her passport as soon as possible for the upcoming meeting and discusses delegates to the conference.

Post accepts the nomination as an alternate delegate of Andrews for the Committee of Five.

Post updates Addams on the international delegate situation and provides her with confidential information on plans to obtain passports for the upcoming peace conference.

Post asks Addams how she should get certification that she will be one of the five delegates, and for advice on how to proceed after the fact.

Thacher informs Addams that the US Departments of State and Justice saw no issue in conferring with German women. She also discuss potential dates for the Women's Congress and obtaining passports to travel to the Congress.

Post says what works best for her regarding a conference that Addams plans to organize.

Post relates to Addams her conversation with Bryan about the Woman's Peace Party's letter to the President and plans for a Congress after peace is achieved in Europe.

Post gives her preferences regarding the Executive Board meeting, suggesting it be in New York or Boston.

Gordon agrees to join the Woman's Peace Party Cooperating Council and shares her opinion on the Party's involvement in a peace conference.

Spencer expresses her excitement over the fact that the peace movement appears to be making progress.

Spencer tells Addams she cannot attend any conferences organized before the twenty-first of February.

Spencer writes Addams about the Woman's Peace Party and the recent conference in Washington.

Spencer suggests the Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and states issues that may arise by having it in New York.

Withington tells Addams about the sentiments among members of the WPP which are contrary to goals of peace.

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