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Hauser sends Luckey information about the National Honorary Committee for the American Youth and American Teacher awards.

Fuller asks Addams to present his peace plan to the International Congress of Women.

Woods tells Addams about plans to hold the next International Congress of Women in the United States.

Balch welcomes Addams home and tells of her plans to remain in the United States and work for peace there.

Swanwick asks Addams for an update on her health and hints about a possible Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nation claims that Addams deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for her dedication to pacifism during the World War.

Arsenault tells Addams that her club has nominated her for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Lathrop urges the Nobel Committee to award the Peace Prize to Jane Addams.

Addams gives Maddox information on her degrees for the program of the Rockford College commencement.

Taylor wishes Addams a belated happy birthday and hopes that her trip was envigorating.

Karsten relays Addams's gratitude and accepts the honorary position for her in the American Peace Society.

Addams tells the story of Bowen's life and contributions to numerous causes.
Biographical Sketch of Louise deKoven Bowen, 019.jpg

Addams tells the story of Bowen's life and contributions to numerous causes.
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Addams added additional text to her published Theodore Roosevelt tribute for public memorial in Chicago.

Cedarville Village Council resolves to name an annual Jane Addams Day, if Addams approves.

Bear tells Addams that Cedarville wants to hold a Jane Addams Day and asks Addams for a date when she could return to speak about her recent work.

Stead praises Twenty Years at Hull-House and informs Addams that he has reviewed the book for a publication and chosen her as one of the "greatest women" in the "new" world.

Addams writes Commons to accept membership to the General Committee of the International Association for Labor Legislation.

Osgood informs Addams that she has won election as a permanent representative of the General Committee of the International Association for Labour Legislation.

Addams writes Haldeman that Yale is conferring upon her an honorary Master's degree, and she sends best wishes for Haldeman's health after surgery.