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The Association describes the plight of Armenian children and seeks donations for relief efforts.

Wheeler tells Addams she cannot donate to the Woman's Peace Party at present due to her obligations to Armenian relief efforts.

Karsten asks Vickrey for a copy of "The Treatment of Armenians."

Kurkjian provides a history of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia as a justification for independence.

The Armenian Union sends the text of a resolution to recognize Armenian independence and asks for signatures of support.

Aharonian sends Balch details the suffering occurring in Armenia and asks her to support their efforts.

Apcar tells Addams about the massacre underway in Armenia and asks her help in getting the word out.

Bourjakian, Shikrdmian, and Mangrian appeal to Allied women to intervene on behalf of Hajin, Armenia in its fight against the Turks.

Apcar asks Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to intervene for Armenian women and children.

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