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  • Mentions: A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil, Chapter I, November 1911

Marsh asks Addams when she will write her next book.

Buchanan objects to Addams' use of "cadet" in her articles about social evil because it is also used in military and high school connotations.

Lewis criticizes a source Addams used for one of her articles in McClure's Magazines. 

Price sends Addams a newspaper clipping, seeking her opinion; and he compliments her for her series of articles about prostitution in McClure's Magazine.

Lillie praises Addams on her recent articles in McClure's Magazine.

Henderson thanks Addams for the autographed copy of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and praises her for the work.

McClure apologizes to Addams for the delay in his company's payment for her series of articles in McClure's Magazine.

Bellamy praises Addams for her series in McClure's Magazine but also points out a small mistake in the February installment.

McClure praises the success of Addams' recent series of articles in his magazine and then asks her for more articles.

Clarke praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazine and shares the three principles she employs in her work with unmarried mothers.

Barrett thanks Addams for her articles about prostitution and explains the work of the Florence Crittenton Mission.

Sheldon praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazine and describes the impact her book A New Conscience and a Social Evil is having in his state.

Redington praises Addams' recent magazine articles, sends a donation, and tells her about his factory in which he employs women.

Boyd praises Addams for her McClure's articles on prostitution and boasts about his some of his own work for the common good.

Morrow invites Addams to speak about prostitution at a meeting of the American Society of Sanitary and Moral Prophylaxis in April.

Abbott writes Addams to offer a gentle criticism of her negative use of the word "cadet" in her McClure's articles.

Rockefeller praises Addams for her article in McClure's Magazine and asks her for data she used related to two questions he has about her conclusions.

Herbst praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazine and shares some of his own opinions on the subject of sex.

Livingston writes Addams about her article on white slavery, because she herself is working in the Chinatown area of New York City working to help women get out of prostitution.

After reading her article in McClure's Magazine, Brown writes Addams about the good luck of his own children of avoiding the "rocks" and the "shoals" in life.

Lawrence writes Addams about her article in McClure's Magazine, offering her own thoughts on the subject prostitution and the difficulties of discussing in public such topics.

Gray objects to Addams' use of the word "cadet" in her McClure's Magazine article.

Brereton objects to Addams' use of the word "cadet" in her latest article in McClure's Magazine.

The writer praises Addams' article in McClure's Magazine and adds that waitresses and department store clerks are also subject to the temptations faced by the women Addams mentions.

After reading Addams' latest article in McClure's Magazine, Cox writes to discuss his experiences preventing women from falling into or remaining in prostitution.