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  • Mentions: Kelley, Florence (1859-1939)

Outlines the members, platforms and speakers at the December 8-10, 1916 meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Kellogg thanks Addams for the article on her visit to Germany and asks her to leave in some passages that she had deleted.

Announces the calling of a congress in Washington to influence public opinion on World War I.

Addams updates Balch on her plans and the meeting of the Committee of Five.

Addams tells Smith about their days in France, travel plans and meetings.

Gannett invites Husdon to tea to meet Addams and other other women in the American delegation.

Hamilton tells Smith about the people on the S.S. Noordam and their trip.

Post asks Addams how she should get certification that she will be one of the five delegates, and for advice on how to proceed after the fact.

Addams hopes that traveling will not be too difficult for Balch.

Karsten tells Balch that Addams hopes that she will not resign from the American Committee of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and provides news of the peace movement.

Addams encourages Post to go abroad as an alternate delegate of the Committee of Five and tells her about the difficulties she and others have been having securing passports.

Addams tells Balch how difficult it is arranging an international meeting and asks if she could go to Europe in advance to help.

Mead writes Addams about the hoped-for resolution of the disagreement of the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party and about resignations from the Minimum Program Committee in protest of Louis Lochner's presence.

A list of name of people likely to join the national committee of the Liberty Defense Union.

Addams explains the need to fill a vacancy left by Kelley's resignation and recent elections for the Committee of Five.

Addams suggests postponing the Woman's Peace Party board meeting and closing the office for the summer.

Addams invited delegates to a meeting of the Woman's Peace Party Committee of Thirty-Five to plan the International Congress of Women and asks for a commitment to travel to Europe when needed.

A list of the Woman's Peace Party Committee of Five and delegates selected to attend International Congress of Women After the War.

Haldeman-Julius updates Addams on her daughter, explains recent appeals to remove her husband from the draft, and discusses their publishing company.

Kellogg describes the events at the National Conference of Charities and Corrections, particularly with regard to peace.

Addams discusses her desire to meet with Benjamin Battin and their plans for the Congress After the War.

A list of those invited to a peace discussion at Henry Street Settlement, September 29, 1914

Summary of responses to a draft resolution on peace.

Lindsay provides names of potential members to work on a Federal Commission on Industrial Relations.

Devine tells Addams that he revised an editorial and that Taft wanted to appoint her as a member of the Industrial Commission.

Addams trusts the staffing of Hull-House to Kohn, but designates certain tasks for specific people.

Mead has put together a program for a conference that Addams will hopefully be able to attend. The committee has also failed to financial aid to an international organization, so Mead believes the American committee needs to meet.

Andrews wants to wait before deciding to go to Europe as she has heard that the French and British seek to block peace meetings.
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