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  • Mentions: Schwimmer, Rosika (1877-1948)

Glücklich describes the worsening political situation in Hungary.

Balch writes a long letter to Addams, detailing her life, the WILPF office in Geneva, activities regarding prisoner of war, and international education.

Balch asks Addams to help cheer up Rosika Schwimmer who has gotten on the wrong side of the Karolyi regime in Hungary.

Addams asks Denison to write a telegram to Woodrow Wilson urging him to join a conference of neutral nations.

The International Congress of Women's report of activities including Jane Addams's address, resolutions, and a report of the work done by the delegations to European capitals.

Addams discusses the prospects of peace negotiation with the press after meeting with British diplomats.

Hohmeyer writes to Lochner about his observations and discussions with Germans from a recent trip to Denmark.

Jacobs and Manus criticize Addams for overstepping her role as president of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Vincent offers contributions to the Peace Movement and asks to help further however needed. She concludes with a religious poem.

Addams sends her telegram asking her associates to urge Wilson to form a conference of neutral nations.

Ford donates a large sum to the peace movement and asks Addams to send greetings to her colleagues.

Addams sends Shelley the format of the telegrams to be sent to all Women's Peace Party members and asks her to send the ones from Chicago as soon as possible.

Addams urges Women's Peace Party members to write Wilson requesting the organization of a conference to end the war for the sake of mothers of soldiers.

Pipp requests that Addams send a statement detailing Schwimmer's international peace movement activities to be printed in the Detroit paper.

Jacobs and Manus update Addams on the results of a poll on holding a Congress After the War.

Addams reports on the activities of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace and procedures for appointing new officers.

Addams reaches out to members of the ICWPP in order to determine the time and place of an International Conference.

Addams advises Balch about how best she can work towards peace.

Addams discusses the International Congress of Women's stance against war and the role American women play.

Addams asks Harper to telegraph President Wilson to support a conference of neutral nations to find a just settlement to the war.

Addams cannot give Huebsch her opinion on Schwimmer during the Ford expedition because she was not there herself and has received multiple contradictory accounts.

Addams sends Balch a letter to Mrs. Morris (not found) that they had forgotten about.

Addams updates Jordan on the latest news from the Neutral Conference and notes her disappointment that Henry Ford has not followed through his promises.

Addams thanks Lloyd for the reading material she sent and asks her to write while she spends the summer in Maine.

Addams asks Shelley to send Rosika Schwimmer to see her if possible.

Balch updates Addams on events and personalities at the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation.

Addams writes Lloyd about her anxiety that Rosika Schwmmer has not yet reached Maine.

Kellogg confirms that Rebecca Shelley will meet Rosika Schwimmer on her arrival and discusses The Survey's upcoming issues.

Addams updates Shelley on Rosika Schwimmer 's travel plans.

Addams hopes that Balch enjoyed her time with Ford. She will write to Schwimmer when her boat arrives, although it may be late.
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